Pozzle Planet's Treasury is structured with a focus on long-term sustainability and economic value.

Treasury Management & Multi-sigs

Early on, the Core & Founding Team manage the Treasury and have full governance over the token distribution across all areas. This setup remains in place until such time as the Founding Team deems the protocol is ready for further transition to decentralisation. The Treasury is committed to being 100% transparent and operating with the utmost integrity.
There are 6 multi-sigs (doxxed / verified) for our Gnosis Safe vaults which requires a majority for transactions. Signatories:

POZ Token Distribution

55% of POZ that is mined is distributed to Treasury.
POZ Token Distribution
POZ is mined by the protocol and then distributed into 3 buckets:
  • Impact-2-Earn: POZ available for earnings by mobile-app users
  • Treasury: POZ made available for growth, impact tokens acquisition, liquidity provision, bonding sales etc.
  • Team: 2 yr lockup and 2 yr linear vesting to % of mined supply

Use of Funds

Treasury works to create Protocol-owned Liquidity which includes the regulation of POZ price and backing reserve.
Treasury Use of Funds
Treasury’s main functions are to sustainably and continuously grow:
  • Impact Tokens: These include but are not limited to: BCT/NCT (Toucan protocol)
  • Yield Earning Strategies: Active management of assets to generate returns
  • POZ Liquidity: Protocol-owned Liquidity which works with the POZ redemption price and base backing
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