In a nutshell, staking POZ = Impact².
Each POZ transaction starts with someone creating positive value in the world via our mobile-app, which is ultimately converted 'Pozzles'. Pozzles also contain Impact Tokens (Impact²) embedded within them which represent impact units from the real world.
When staking POZ there is a conversion from POZ to Pozzles, along with the rewards it generates is called impact-yields IPY, or more colloquially known as “stake-to-impact”.
This is important because it ensures that the stakers are automatically diversifying their $POZ exposure by transitioning to a basket of Impact Token assets. Thus, every positive action from participants in our ecosystem contains a rewards cycle that benefits people and the planet today and in the future.
$POZ Staking Model

How It Works

Staking POZ tokens unlocks 'Pozzles' which give you access to the community yield rewards.
1) POZ to Pozzles: When you stake POZ, a portion of it is instantly converted to Pozzles, which are NFTs that are contain Impact Tokens and have an asset value ($).
When POZ is staked there is a lockup for a given period of time (14 / 30 / 60 / 90 / 180 days). The longer the lockup period, the higher the amount of Pozzles received and hence the higher the ongoing rewards that will be accumulated from your Pozzle holdings.
2) Pozzle Minting: Pozzles are minted by the Protocol using a programmed growth in asset value ($). Each new Pozzle minted, will have always have a value higher than the previous Pozzle.
3) Redeem Pozzles: During the Staking period, your Pozzles will release gradually and can be redeemed by connecting your wallet to the Staking app.
4) Earn Rewards IPY%: Every 14 days, the Protocol calculates an amount of Pozzles to be minted and distributed to the community as yield rewards, using the revenue generated by the Treasury.
Of course, the more Pozzles you hold, the more rewards you will receive!