POZ is positioned to be the first planet-positive digital currency adopted by mainstream everyday people via ‘POZpay’ and universally accessed via Impact-2-Earn.
Pozzle Planet Roadmap
Over the next 3 years Pozzle Planet's roadmap is set on four main milestones:
  1. 1.
    Mobile-app: Build to explosive user growth, traction and create mass onboarding from Web 2.0 social
  2. 2.
    Pozzle NFT Trading: As the protocol grows, the market and value for Pozzle NFT trading expands, and absorbs emerging Impact Tokens
  3. 3.
    POZPay: Expand the reach of POZ into the real-world economy via POZpay; POZ adoption by merchants for spending IRL, becoming an everyday spending currency
  4. 4.
    Impact² Machine: Pozzle Planet becomes the primary value-creating protocol for tokenisation of planet-positive impact
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