Pozzles of the Pozzleverse

Pozzles are the unique product of the Pozzle economy. They are hexagon-shaped ‘land parcel’ NFTs that cover the surfaces of Pozzle Planets, and each one contain units of positive social or environmental impact in the form of 'Impact Tokens'.
Each Pozzle has unique impact-traits, based on the sets of Impact Tokens that are stacked inside the NFTs when they are minted by our protocol. This gives each Pozzle an asset value. In addition, by simply holding them in your wallet, Pozzles also generate passive ‘Impact-Yield’ rewards (IPY%) from our protocol.
Pozzleverse view inside the Pozzle Planet mobile-app
The productivity of this economy is represented in the size of the Pozzleverse and the rate of Pozzle creation, which is visually displayed in the Pozzle Planet mobile-app as our universal 'progress bar' of POZitive impact being made.

How do I get Pozzles?

You can earn Pozzles in 2 ways:
  1. 1.
    By staking POZ: When you stake POZ, a % of your POZ is converted to Pozzles
  2. 2.
    By doing actions in the mobile-app: When a Pozzle Planet is completed, all Pozzle-videos added to the planet become Pozzle NFTs

How are Pozzles valuable?

Upon minting, each Pozzle is embedded with a set of Impact Token assets that have been acquired and passed on to them from the Pozzle Treasury. This gives Pozzles an asset value at the time of minting, as well as measurable attributes of environmental and social impact.
Pozzles also give access to earnings from the Pozzle Treasury. As the Treasury grows, profits & proceeds are distributed to all Pozzle holders in the form of compounding impact-yields ‘IPY’. Hence Pozzles are essentially ownership fractions of the Pozzle Treasury.
As NFTs, Pozzles are also tradable assets that you can buy and sell on marketplaces.

How is impact generated by Pozzles?

Pozzles are NFTs that contain Impact Tokens. To supply the Impact Token sets for Pozzles, the Pozzle Treasury continuously acquires qualified Impact Tokens from the market, as well as through limited bonding and DAO2DAO token swaps. The Pozzle Protocol therefore creates a powerful source of demand for Impact Tokens, as well as adding value by transferring them into vehicles (Pozzles) that carry an overall higher value & desirability as NFTs, sparking an exciting new market for Impact Tokens.
Impact Tokens are curated and qualified with the objective of providing sustainable value (environmental, social and financial) with minimum short term volatility as well as anticipated steady price growth over the long term.

What are Impact Tokens?

Impact Tokens represent or reference quantified units of a planet-positive or world-positive impact brought on-chain, such as environmental or social, that can be traded.
A well known example is the BCT ‘Base Carbon Tonne’ token from Toucan Protocol, which is a fungible carbon token backed by a 1:1 verifiable link to carbon credits in a supported registry. Other examples exist and more are emerging fast, and Pozzle Planet will utilise a vast range of Impact Tokens to create a myriad of environmental & social impact Pozzles across the Pozzleverse.

What are the prospects for trading Pozzles?

Pozzles create a new market for impact-investing and opens up a fun way of ‘impact-trading’ that reaches everyday people. The Pozzle itself carries a value-stack with features such as passive Treasury rewards, in-app utility, desirability, ownership, environmental offset or social impact credits etc.
These value-drivers give Pozzles price potential over and above the asset value of the Impact Tokens it contains, which may enable you to obtain a higher return on investment by trading Pozzles as compared to trading the individual Impact Tokens on their own.
If you want to get Pozzles, you’ll first need to start with POZ.