POZ Tokenomics

POZ is the digital currency for a positive world. It is an ERC-20 token with a fixed supply of 1 billion.
POZ flows into the world through mining. The mining rate is a function of the amount positive actions being created by the community of users in the Pozzle Planet mobile-app. When POZ is released it flows into a largely self-contained but growing circuit, fuelling an ecosystem of continuous value-creation and natural economic expansion, with the balance of POZ in the system managed by the protocol to ensure ongoing price-stability and steady growth.
POZ Tokenomics System
POZ is meaningfully engineered based on a set of principles and mechanics that govern both the price and the circulating supply via the protocol. The purposeful design of POZ removes volatility and will maintain steady price growth based on volume traded, whilst at the same time creating positive social and environmental impact.


POZ is engineered for longevity and permanent growth in value, through a tokenomics system with four core pillars:
POZ Token Mechanics

Mining: Proof of Impact

POZ is mined through our ‘Proof of Impact’ protocol and smart contract, via the validated actions of users on the Pozzle Planet mobile app. POZ is mined at a rate that is a function of the number of Pozzles created, meaning that if mining is occurring, then it is a result of participants using the ecosystem which gives value to POZ.
As the amount of POZ mined is dependent on the activity levels of the participants using the Pozzle Planet mobile game-app, then the release of POZ into circulation is thereby correlated with the increased utilisation of POZ.
Hence, POZ mining is inextricably linked to growth in value & impact.

Utility: Mainstream Money

POZ use cases via in-app spending, as well as the expansion of ‘POZPay’ to planet-positive merchants IRL and in the metaverse.
The most noteworthy spending feature in the mobile-app is our cornerstone feature called ‘POZ Pledging’, a function where individuals & organisations can pledge POZ to boost the earning incentives for people to join the activities that they care about. This provides an entry to the POZ circuit for organisations looking to transition and obtain Web 3.0 brand-power in the impact space and beyond.

Staking: Community Rewards & Incentivised Lockups

Staking POZ tokens unlocks 'Pozzles' which give you access to the community yield rewards.
When POZ is staked there is a lockup for a given period of time (14 / 30 / 60 / 90 / 180 days). By providing a healthy community rewards model for staking POZ, we encourage users to stake POZ for longer durations, which helps reduce the amount of POZ in circulation and mitigate some sell pressure.

Pozitive Design: Upwards Price Regulation

In order to fit the intended purpose of POZ, which is to become a mainstream digital currency adopted by everyday people (beyond retail investors), we need to reduce the uncertainty and stress that comes from token price volatility.
We provide this certainty to our community who earn and spend POZ through our 'Pozitive' design. All circulating supply of POZ is 100% collateralised by a reserve value (initially in USDC) and in addition a smart contract is in place that regulates the market price of POZ. The 'Pozitive' design has two primary purposes:
1) To ensure the price of POZ remains 'stable' at all times and is solely determined by the simple ratio of the reserve value backing the token, and the circulating supply
2) To ensure the price of POZ is protected and is continuously regulated in the positive direction through automated injection of trading fees and revenue into the backing reserve
Any protocol-owned liquidity pools that are hosted on exchanges are managed by our token smart contract which is designed to keep the market (pool) price of POZ always equal to the 'true price' (reserve value / circulating supply of POZ). The smart contract regulates the price of POZ by dynamically adjusting the liquidity and burn rates upon every trade.
Every time POZ is traded, the fees from the trade as well as other revenues from Pozzle Planet are added to the backing reserve. This changes the ratio of USDC backing vs. POZ circulating supply slightly with each trade, and hence increases the price incrementally and equally for all POZ holders.
Unlike traditional liquidity pools, where the market (pool) price is determined by a formula that can result in high volatility (big swings in price both up and down), POZ price increases are linear and slower, but a gradual rise in the floor price is permanent. This gives certainty and stability to everyone who is holding, earning and using POZ.