Pozzle Planet


Pozzle Planet is an Impact-2-Earn mobile-app and protocol where users earn POZ by joining and sharing POZitive actions via video.
Pozzle Planet mobile-app: Discover, view and join activities to get rewarded with POZ
Pozzle Planet’s mission is to CREATE POZITIVITY.
We do this by rewarding planet-positive actions with POZ.
POZ aims to be the first planet-positive digital currency to reach mainstream adoption by everyday people and universally accessed via Impact-2-Earn. Pozzle Planet provides simple onboarding for newcomers to Web 3.0 with our flagship Pozzle Planet mobile-app on App Store & Google Play.


Each transaction starts with someone creating positive value in the world.
Pozzle Planet mobile-app: Users creating positive impacts that are minted as Pozzle NFTs
Positive value is represented in our POZ token and is converted into ‘Pozzles’ by the protocol. Pozzles are NFTs that contain impact tokens (Impact²) which represent measurable impact units from the real world.
As more Pozzles are created by the positive actions of participants, Pozzle Planets are generated in the Pozzleverse, creating a visual ‘progress bar’ for real-world planet-positive impact.


POZ is universally accessible to individuals all across the world who can 'impact-2-earn' simply by participating in the Pozzle Planet mobile-app. POZ mobilises global participation of individuals & organisations collectively in planet-positive behaviours.
Participants can earn POZ by exhibiting planet-positive behaviour such as saving energy at home, commuting via public transport, speaking up for equality in the workplace, buying secondhand, DIY 'Do it yourself', buying local, 'meat-free Mondays' and so on. The 'everyday-life' ethos of the participation in Pozzle Planet creates vast financial inclusion for participants whilst encouraging planet-friendly behaviour.
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